Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring Bazaar!!!

Hi everyone, please join us (Infinity Photography), Maria P Jewellery and The Macaroon Shop on June 1 as we host our very first Spring Bazaar!

During the event, you'll be able to browse at and purchase beautiful jewellery, indulge in delicious French macaroons and be able to enjoy professional pictures taken, courtesy of Infinity Photography.
In preparation for the event and to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect in terms of the jewellery as well as the photography, this blog post provides some images.

The hostess showcasing beautiful earring and a necklace:

A few pics of the actual jewellery:
The event will be taking place on June 1 from 12 - 4 p.m. For event location and specific questions that you may have, please contact Maria Petrov at via e-mail or via Facebook! Hope to see you all there and a Very Happy Mother`s Day to everyone!!!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mother's Day Promotion!

 This Mother's Day, capture the true essence of motherhood with everlasting moments by Infinity Photography: Until May 5, 2013, book a photo session with Infinity Photography to receive 10 fully edited images for $35, tax included. The time of the photo shoot is unlimited to accommodate all your family needs. The promotion applies to all photography concerning motherhood (newborn and maternity as well). It is Infinity Photography's sincere belief that every mother deserves to be commemorated and acknowledged with the most important duty in her life. Receive timeless and precious pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime. Book today!

    Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Bridal Suite Photoshoot

Recently, I had the pleasure to conduct a photo-shoot for Bridal Suite, a Toronto-based store that specializes in wedding and evening fashions. Bridal Suite is located at 1600 Steeles Avenue West and its telephone number is (905) 597-7685.
The atmosphere in Bridal Suite is warm and welcoming, making the visitor feel calm and relaxed. The store staff are knowledgeable and are quick to offer their expert advice, which is really helpful to someone who is purchasing such an important item as a wedding gown.
Apart from having a large selection of designer wedding gowns from all over the world (its main line of business), Bridal Suite also has elegant bridesmaid dresses that trendy shoppers will surely fall in love with:

Bridal Suite truly has a remarkable designer wedding gown selection. Featuring a variety of wedding gown styles by designers from all over the globe, the bride-to-be will not be disappointed by all the available selection and choice that Bridal Suite has to offer!

What about jewellery and accessories to be worn on that special day? Brides-to-be, look no further, as Bridal Suite has got you covered! Indulge yourself in timeless beauty: From stunning necklaces and earrings to gorgeous head pieces, Bridal Suite's large jewellery selection is sure to match any chosen dress and any style.

Whether you're a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding gown, a bridesmaid looking for a stylish dress, or just looking for beautiful evening fashions, Bridal Suite is the place to go. With such a huge selection of items and professional input, you will be left with a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that you have made the best possible choice in purchasing your desired item. For the ultimate shopping experience, don't hesitate to contact Bridal Suite today!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Using Photoshop to Enhance Wedding Pictures

In this post, I wanted to show how, with the use of Photoshop CS6, wedding pictures can be transformed to become more captivating.
Although used in some cases for picture retouching and perfection (elimination of red eyes, reducing skin imperfections in photos), there doesn't have to be something wrong with a picture in the first place to require the use of Photoshop. Since I'm talking about wedding pictures here, lots of times, it's the added effects that make the difference between an ordinary picture and one that has a little something extra added to it. Here is the same picture; one without any effects and beside it a photo that has had Photoshop effects applied to it:

Here is a picture that was taken on a busy street on our wedding, and, for comparison, the same picture has been manipulated using Photoshop to provide a slightly different feeling:   

Sometimes, a new picture can result altogether by accentuating specific details of the original image. Details that you may want to focus on are the bride's bouquet, wedding bands, and any other jewellery. Below is the original image and beside it is a photo that uses Photoshop effects to illuminate certain aspects of the original picture: 

As a last example of this post, sometimes, Photoshop can be used to completely alter the original background of a picture. The result can be truly stunning!

Overall, Photoshop does wonders for photographs. The effects that can be achieved with this tool are truly amazing and the possibilities of creating something unique and elegant when it comes to wedding pictures, are endless.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Customer Review

 Infinity Photography Fun! 

On the day of love, we went into a different direction. We had more of a day of family love and fun. We started the day off with a wonderful photo session by a great new photographer. Infinity Photography is a new company founded by Marina Aleinikov, who is the lovely photographer.

Infinity photography specializes in weddings, couples and children's (family) photography. The photographer has a very positive view of life and the wonderful place of photographs within our lives. She is a hard worker. Her photographs come out beautifully and she has many ideas for poses and styles for pictures.

The photographer came to do Alek's 6 month photo's (and family photos) on Valentines day, a few days short of Alek`s 6 month birthday. In the afternoon we dressed our young man in a cloth diaper and a lovely baby blue corduroy one piece outfit and waited for the photographer. She arrived on time and ready to work. The atmosphere was very lighthearted and fun and time seemed to fly. We did many different poses in many different areas of the house. At one point Alek got exhausted about a half hour past his nap time and fell asleep! The photographer was very understanding, thankfully!

The disc of photographs have not yet arrived and I am awaiting it anxiously even though less than a week has passed. The disc is set to arrive tomorrow. Yep that`s right, under a week after the photo session! Yes some are edited Yes I'm getting the raw images too! Awesome, huh?! This is efficient and quick work. Oh. that's not all. Eleven sneak peek photos have already been posted on Facebook and a few different ones on the company blog. I love them! The black and white family photo, Alek crawling and me and Alek playing are my favourites. I will definitely want more pictures captured by this photographer in the future!

This comes from the This Way to Motherhood blog ( If anyone wants parenting/motherhood advice and tips, this is definitely the place to go!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Three Tips for Having Amazing Family Pictures

In an effort to better educate future clients about what factors they can consider when preparing for their family picture time, I compiled the following list of suggestions. While these ideas seem simple, they are really effective tools that help capture captivating moments with your loved ones.

1. Act Natural. This is probably the most important factor that the clients can help the photographer with. By acting in your usual manner (doting over your child, playing with your child, hugging your family), you create a sense of tranquility that transfers beautifully and naturally onto pictures. By trying to force yourself to pose specifically for the camera for family pictures creates a sense of unnaturalness. Relax, pretend that the camera is not there, and just enjoy time with your family.

Tip: Always act as though you would if the camera wasn't there.

2. Know your Location. What this means is that you should be aware of where the pictures are being taken. If they are being taken inside your house, make sure that your picture-taking area is a large space (preferably the living room), with a large amount of natural light. Natural light is a big help to photographers because it illuminates the subjects and reduces shadows/darkness which in the end can make a picture look too dark.
Tip: Try to remove the curtains from the windows in the room in which the photoshoot is happening. This will help to let in natural light and thus enhance picture quality. 

3. Dress Appropriately.  Even though this is a family photoshoot most likely taking place in your own house, it's important to remember that you probably want the resulting pictures to be somewhat different than the ones that you take on your own. That means it's a good idea to be dressed semi-formally for the shoot, as there are some colours that work better than others.
Tip: It's best to wear monotone clothing, black and white being the best possible selections. Try to avoid wearing clothing with prints, as these don't look professional.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Baby Alec and Family Photoshoot

Here are a few pics from a family photoshoot that I had the pleasure of photographing recently.

The whole family cozy and comfy on the bed:

Baby Alec showcasing his independence:

Play time!

One of my personal favourites:

All in all, this photoshoot was filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments of sharing precious moments with the people who matter the most in life. Thanks guys for allowing me to share in these beautiful memories with you! ;)