Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Using Photoshop to Enhance Wedding Pictures

In this post, I wanted to show how, with the use of Photoshop CS6, wedding pictures can be transformed to become more captivating.
Although used in some cases for picture retouching and perfection (elimination of red eyes, reducing skin imperfections in photos), there doesn't have to be something wrong with a picture in the first place to require the use of Photoshop. Since I'm talking about wedding pictures here, lots of times, it's the added effects that make the difference between an ordinary picture and one that has a little something extra added to it. Here is the same picture; one without any effects and beside it a photo that has had Photoshop effects applied to it:

Here is a picture that was taken on a busy street on our wedding, and, for comparison, the same picture has been manipulated using Photoshop to provide a slightly different feeling:   

Sometimes, a new picture can result altogether by accentuating specific details of the original image. Details that you may want to focus on are the bride's bouquet, wedding bands, and any other jewellery. Below is the original image and beside it is a photo that uses Photoshop effects to illuminate certain aspects of the original picture: 

As a last example of this post, sometimes, Photoshop can be used to completely alter the original background of a picture. The result can be truly stunning!

Overall, Photoshop does wonders for photographs. The effects that can be achieved with this tool are truly amazing and the possibilities of creating something unique and elegant when it comes to wedding pictures, are endless.

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