The following are the photography categories in which Infinity Photography specializes in:


Perfect. That’s how you want to remember your wedding. From the very first minute you wake up in the morning to the moment you say “I Do”, to the end of that special day. Choose Infinity Photography and find true perfection when it comes to wedding pictures.

Couple Photography

Want to capture truly beautiful moments with that special someone? Whether it’s pre-engagement pictures or just a moment of tranquility and peace in a beautiful setting, with Infinity Photography, you can be sure that those special moments shared between the two of you will be elegantly captured...for infinity.

 Children’s Photography

Children. They are our legacy. Our meaning in life. And our sincere hope that they are our chance to make the world a better place. We want to capture every moment with them until they are grown and have found their own place in life. Te reality is that time flies. For every moment in between, choose Infinity  Photography to capture the magic of childhood...both yours and theirs.

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