Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Three Tips for Having Amazing Family Pictures

In an effort to better educate future clients about what factors they can consider when preparing for their family picture time, I compiled the following list of suggestions. While these ideas seem simple, they are really effective tools that help capture captivating moments with your loved ones.

1. Act Natural. This is probably the most important factor that the clients can help the photographer with. By acting in your usual manner (doting over your child, playing with your child, hugging your family), you create a sense of tranquility that transfers beautifully and naturally onto pictures. By trying to force yourself to pose specifically for the camera for family pictures creates a sense of unnaturalness. Relax, pretend that the camera is not there, and just enjoy time with your family.

Tip: Always act as though you would if the camera wasn't there.

2. Know your Location. What this means is that you should be aware of where the pictures are being taken. If they are being taken inside your house, make sure that your picture-taking area is a large space (preferably the living room), with a large amount of natural light. Natural light is a big help to photographers because it illuminates the subjects and reduces shadows/darkness which in the end can make a picture look too dark.
Tip: Try to remove the curtains from the windows in the room in which the photoshoot is happening. This will help to let in natural light and thus enhance picture quality. 

3. Dress Appropriately.  Even though this is a family photoshoot most likely taking place in your own house, it's important to remember that you probably want the resulting pictures to be somewhat different than the ones that you take on your own. That means it's a good idea to be dressed semi-formally for the shoot, as there are some colours that work better than others.
Tip: It's best to wear monotone clothing, black and white being the best possible selections. Try to avoid wearing clothing with prints, as these don't look professional.

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